Patrick & Elena

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I first approached HEAVENLY HEARTS in the hope of finding a quality lady to meet and marry. I'd had enough of women (and I use the term 'women' specifically) from my own country Australia. Nearly all the women I came in contact with left me with the distinct impression that they were cold, self-interested, in pursuit of money and lazy in the way they were prepared to treat a man in a relationship. What was sorely lacking in them was old fashioned values; values that I had grown-up with and had seen my parents and other couples from their generation exhibit on a daily basis. I felt somewhat cheated at the fact that these women were not prepared give very much, do very much or commit very much. All they seemed to want to do was take and as much as they could. I believed that entering into a relationship with one of these women would have been utter folly. To my mind, it was just asking for trouble, so I turned my sights away from any Western-based country and towards Eastern Europe; and was so very glad I did.
When I first spoke with Malcolm & Luda from HEAVENLY HEARTS, they understood exactly how I felt and the reasons behind my interest in ladies from Eastern Europe. Malcolm explained just how happy he was with Luda, who had come from Kharkov in Ukraine. In his opinion, Ukrainian ladies are the BEST of the BEST. Malcolm had been in my shoes once and knew what I had been going through. Subsequently, getting Malcolm, Luda and HEAVENLY HEARTS to help me in finding the BEST lady for me was one of the smartest and most rewarding things I've ever done.
I started by becoming an upgraded 4 Star Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS. I then set about perusing the various Ladies Galleries in search of ladies who appealed to me both in terms of who they were as well how they looked. I started contacting many ladies. I concentrated my search on Ukraine as I found the ladies over there very appealing. Knowing that meeting ladies was all-important, I made plans to go to Ukraine and meet these ladies personally. HEAVENLY HEARTS assisted me in organizing one of their personalized Romance Tours. I did the right thing by getting them to help me as they brought my attention to many unseen pitfalls in such as venture; pitfalls that I could have very easily found myself in had it not been for the expert experience and guidance.
HEAVENLY HEARTS also has contact with eligible ladies who do not have their profile details published on their web site. I wanted to be introduced to these ladies as well. This was okay with me as my aim was to meet a wide selection of ladies; one of whom I was convinced would be the right lady for me. Not being a seasoned traveller, I let them make all the organizational arrangements. What was good about the process was that they liaised with me very closely and made sure that I was happy with the Tour details I was.
Everything came together very well. I was hesitant about travelling at first because Id never been to Eastern Europe before. It was all new to me. I though that it might be rough going how wrong was I! I loved the country and everything to do with my trip. HEAVENLY HEARTS made it so easy for me. I met many ladies from several cities in Ukraine. Many of the ladies were very appealing. One lady in particular I became very interested in, but hadn't completely made-up my mind about at that point in time. Due to commitments back in Australia, I had to return earlier than anticipated. I wanted to go back to Ukraine as soon as possible and pick-up where I left off.
Whilst back in Australia I continued communicating with that one particular lady as well as others I had been subsequently introduced to via the web site. HEAVENLY HEARTS helped me plan a second trip to Ukraine, which I was eager to undertake.
On my second trip I consolidated on ladies I had been introduced to on my previous trip whilst at the same time meeting many new ladies. One lady I was newly introduced to was named Elena. She knocked me off my feet with her fantastic personality and lovely looks. The more time we spent with one another, the more I began to realize that she was in fact the lady for me. We spent more and more time getting to know one another until I was spending all my time with her exclusively. Like all the other Ukrainian ladies I had met, she exhibited the kind of values and standards that I had been searching for in a life partner. It was during my second stay there in Ukraine that we made a firm commitment towards one another and I asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted without hesitation.
I knew I wanted to marry Elena and then have her come live with me in my home country of Australia. The only problem was that I didn't know how to go about doing this. The solution was easy: ask Malcolm & Luda of HEAVENLY HEARTS.
I spoke with Malcolm & Luda and they explained the process to me. Not feeling confident in my own ability to be able to make a visa submission myself, I recruited Malcolm to assist as, being a professional writer and having previously written many visa applications for other HEAVENLY HEARTS clients, I knew he was the best man for the job.
To date, I have made 7 visits to Ukraine to be with Elena. We both wanted to do it this way and not be too rushed. It has afforded us the time to travel together and see the many wonderful sights of Ukraine. We have also gone on a holiday to Egypt. In June, 2008, Elena and I were married in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Soon I expect have Elena living here with me in Melbourne.
Whenever we've need help and guidance, HEAVENLY HEARTS has been there for us. They can be there for you too.

Patrick (Melbourne, Australia) & Elena (Vinnitsa, Ukraine) (June, 2008)

Below are pictures from Patrick & Elena's Ukrainain wedding. HEAVENLY HEARTS helped Patrick & Elena achieve success with their Australian Visa Aplication. Patrick & ELena's happiness is refelcted in the following photos. As they picture is worth a thousand words. The following photographic moments articulate more than a mouthful...

Patrick & Elena's marriage is still going strong. They are a great couple and work hard to make their marriage a true and on-going success. They are very happy with one another and wanted to share these pictures of their Australian wedding in Melbourne with us. We wish them both continued success and all the happiness in the world!

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